Examples of Matted and Framed Prints

Framing Styles


The Traditional framing style is a clean, familiar presentation of fine art, with a black frame and a white mat that complement a wide variety of settings. Traditional framing works particularly well for my black and white images. This style uses a black solid wood frame with UV protecting plexiglass or glass and an archival, white, 100% cotton rag backing board and window mat. The mat is signed just below the image, so the signature is visible in the final framed artwork.

Contemporary Gloss and Contemporary Matte

The Contemporary framing style infuses dyes directly into specially coated metal sheets. The metal prints take on a magical luminescence. Because the artwork is infused into the surface and not on it, the archival qualities of this unique process are unparalleled. The image reaches all the way to the edge, without a border or frame, and "floats" off the wall for a minimalist, hi-tech presentation.

At 8 x 10" and 11 x 14" sizes, contemporary framed fine art prints are backed with a simple but effective hanger. The hanger floats your print 1/2" off the wall and has a keyhole in the top for secure hanging. Rubber bumpers on all four corners stabilize the print when hung.

For sizes 16 x 20" and up, contemporary framed prints are backed with a floating frame for the ultimate modern look and a stunning presentation. The black brushed anodized aluminum frame floats your print 1.3" out from the wall for an amazing look. A preinstalled wire enables you to hang your print right out of the box. Rubber bumpers are applied on each of the back corners.

Contemporary framed prints are available in your choice of two different finishes - gloss and matte. The gloss finish produces a rich, luminous surface that has the most "pop" and is what I recommend for saturated images with a lot of contrast. The matte finish creates a beautiful lustrous surface, and is what I recommend for lighter, subtler images. Also, if you are planning on hanging your artwork in a location where reflections are an issue (across from a large window, for example), you might prefer the matte finish.

Contemporary framed prints are signed on the back.


The Canvas framing style produces a stretched canvas fine art print that is another alternative to traditional framing. Stretched canvases are light weight and have a similar "frameless" look to the Contemporary style described above, except the Canvas print sits right against the wall. Canvas prints have a slight texture to the surface and have a luster finish that works well in any light. Stretched canvas prints are signed on the back.

Square Sizes

Note that an image that is square will look different depending on the framing style you choose. In a Traditional style, a square image will be matted and framed in a rectangular frame. In a Contemporary or Canvas style, the square image will go all the way to the edge of the finished framed piece, and the final dimensions will be square. In this case, the shorter dimension of the standard size is used to determine the dimensions of the square. For example, if you select 24 x 30" - Framed, and choose a Contemporary or Canvas style for framing, the finished piece will be 24 x 24".

A Note About Viewing Art Over the Internet

Nothing beats seeing fine art in person. While I try my best, it is difficult to convey the uniqueness and beauty of the original prints, the subtle differences between the framing styles, and the feel of different sizes over the internet. The best way to see my artwork in person is to sign up for my mailing list so you will be notified of exhibitions and shows I am a part of that may be in your area. Sign up now »


Traditionally framed artwork in an office or library setting
Traditionally framed artwork in an office or library setting

Contemporary framed artwork in an office or library setting
Contemporary framed artwork in an office or library setting

Back of a hanger frame for contemporary fine art prints
Back of a hanger frame for contemporary fine art prints

Back of a floating frame for contemporary fine art prints
Back of a floating frame for contemporary fine art prints

More Examples

The following examples show how vertical, horizontal and square framed fine art prints will look in the Traditional style (left) and the Contemporary style (right). The Canvas style will have a similar look from the front as the Contemporary style.

Star Birth

Star Birth - traditional mat and frame, various sizesStar Birth - contemporary frame, various sizes

Sign Language

Sign Language - traditional mat and frame, various sizesSign Language - contemporary frame, various sizes


Helios - traditional mat and frame, various sizesHelios - contemporary frame, various sizes

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